Corporate Rates

CORPORATE RENTAL: Depends on the event, event date (Prime -season vs. off-season), guest count, etc..

For more information on venue rental, food & beverage pricing click the “CONTACT US” button, which will direct you to our online form. You will receive an email back within 2-3 business days. 


You can view PDF versions of our pricing pamphlets by clicking below.

Mississippi Gardens Menu   -Our full Mintahoe Catering & Events Menu

Anything you don’t see on here, please mention it to us and we can try our best to accommodate you! (If you’re interested in a full priced menu- send us an email)

Holiday Menu     -An Inspiration Menu, only eligible during the holiday season.

Directional map    -Directional Map to LMG.

Room Blocks     -Check out hotels nearby who we have a room block rate set up with.

Marriot Hotel Rebate Program -Information about the NW Marriot Rebate Program.

Preferred Vendors   -Awesome vendors who we have worked with in the past. *You are always welcome to bring in an outside vendor. (Exception is our Caterer)

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